The Juicy Circle

Come join me and other likeminded women online and start to look and feel (even more) A-MAZ-ING!

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The Juicy Circle is my gorgeous group coaching program where we work online to achieve your health and wellness goals in a natural, beautiful way. It’s a 4-month program which is totally personalisable to your goals, your time, your life, YOU.

No strict regimes, no unachievable goals. Nah!

  “I said yes to signing up to The Juicy Circle straight away and the past couple of months have seen so many amazing changes for me already. My energy levels are up, my anxiety has been kept at a low, I am regular on the toilet without any “help” for the first time in as many years as I can remember!” Peta G.  

What’s included?

  • One-on-one and group coaching with me over 4 months
  • Whole food nutrition Juice Plus+ package of choice (see Juice Plus+ for more info)
  • Personalised goals and a realisable plan to get you there
  • Intimate support network
  • e-Books on nutrition, plating up, Pilates, exercise plans, weight management, natural beauty, recipes, holistic practices and more
  • My book and guide to holistic health, The Juicy Movement: A holistic approach to clean living
  • Webinars and videos
  • Client events (Perth only or via Zoom)

Yes, please!! How do I sign up?

Simply reach out using the button below and I’ll be in touch. I cannot wait to do this with you, beautiful!!

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“I’m so happy to be on this journey! A good friend of mine was raving about how great these juice changes were for her and I wanted to feel the same benefits. Personally, I feel better on an overall scale but in particular, my nails are stronger, my skin is clear and those typical nasty colds and coughs are pretty much non-existent.” Jodie S.