Products I choose

As a health and wellness expert and influencer, I only collaborate with brands I truly align with across all levels.

You can be sure that any products I am an ambassador for, I promote on my socials or here on my website are products I choose for myself and recommend them from the heart.

Check out the below brands I’m aligned with and take advantage of my special programs and/or discount codes too.


I am a long-term ambassador and user of the Juice Plus+ products, which I often advocate as a great first and sustainable step towards more solid plant-focused nutrition (more info on Juice Plus+ here). Having used their simple and minimal product range myself now for close to a decade, it makes it an ideal choice when it comes to recommending wholefood-based supplementation to clients and ties in beautifully with The Juicy Life Program.

Rather than a discount code, I offer a complete Program based around Juice Plus+ which includes a library of eBooks, online webinars, private Facebook group (The Juicy Life) and access to myself as your coach along your wellness journey.

Check out The Juicy Life Program here.


I first tried Life Cykel mushroom coffee and loved how easy it was to introduce into my routine. I also love how easy the mushrooms are to grow! Now I’m fully into using functional mushrooms for all types of health needs.

I regularly use the powders in recipes and also liquid extracts to add to coffee.

Why mushrooms, though right? Well, they have so many health benefits – not least being packed with Vitamin D which so many of us need a boost of. Listen to our The C-Word Podcast with Life Cykel co-founder Julian Mitchell for all the go on these incredible products.

If you’d like to try any of the Life Cykel products, use my code CARLA10 at checkout on their website (click here) for a 10% discount. Yay!


I first met Giving Greens owner James in 2019, after receiving a tray of his très yummy microgreens. I invited him on The C-Word Podcast (listen here) at the start of 2020 and he then went on to sponsor some episodes and collaborate with me on a juicy event.

I’m a self-professed brown thumb and for the past 2 and half years I have lived in an apartment, so having microgreens I don’t have to grow and can’t destroy is a total win-win on all levels! I always say it’s the ‘little things’ that add up to the big differences with our health, so being able to throw some microgreens in a smoothie, add some to a salad or use as that final, special sprinkle of a topping (e.g snacks such avo and sliced veg on crackers) is definitely my FAVE and most common way of using them.

I’ve loved delving into the magic of micro herbs, how they differ from your ordinary ‘erbs, the fact they are SO MUCH MORE than just fancy decorations from fancy chefs on a fancy plate AND how not all microgreens get along. Micro in size, macro in delicious nutritious goodness. James delivers his microgreens around Perth with a macro heart.

To order your tray, simply enter your coupon code CARLA at checkout on their website (click here) to receive 50% off your first order!


I was first invited to try New Zealand natural skincare brand Antipodes Skincare almost 2 years ago and I was immediately hooked! My first product (and still my favourite to this day!) was Baptise, an ultra-hydrating water gel moisturizer. For the first time I noticed an immediate difference to my skin within a few days (no BS!) and between the ingredients, make, feel, story, connection to NATURE and green beauty ethos, I knew I had found my skincare people.

After some wonderful zoom chats with my liaison Mel (I’ve built the loveliest relationship with her over the past 2 years!) I came on as an Ambassador and me and my bathroom cabinet have never looked back!

I honestly feel so lucky to have this wonderful brand looking after me. I’ve been blessed to try and use so many of the products in their range to cater for my skin needs based on age, season and latest product releases.

If you’re reading this, perhaps it’s time for a new skin regime that’s good for the skin, good for the planet.

Check out their website


I am so grateful to come on board as an Ambassador and excited to be a part of this new sisterhood

SORA; (meaning sister in Latin) is about honouring being authentically you, with a focus on women’s empowerment and recognising that it looks and feels different for every single woman.

Over the years, the lads behind men’s activewear brand and movement WPN Wear, received countless requests to create a female line with the same quality, purpose and community feel of WPN. After weeks of deliberating and in-depth conversations with the amazing women that formed their circle of focus, they landed on a name that couldn’t be any more ideal for this brand.

It is not only the sister brand to WPN, but also echoes the community vibe they/we hope to build behind the brand.

Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it.

Check out their website and use my code CARLA15 for a 15% discount on all SORA purchases.


Take a leaf out of my book – and mother nature – and grab yourself some CBD goodness from Bioleaf Labs.

I’m pro CBD oil (along with hemp products and medicinal cannabis) and have used it in the past a few times. So, when this CBD Isolate from local brand Bioleaf Labs fell into my hands, I was pretty keen to give it a whirl and see what (if any benefits) I personally had…

SLEEP! I consider myself a good sleeper already but I found myself falling asleep a) even quicker and b) even deeper!

FOCUS/MENTAL CLARITY! That mid to late afternoon brain fog that usually comes on just due to my brain hitting its max working day point just seemed to not appear, keeping me full of beans (or CBD ?) at the tail end of the work day.

I’m sure it’s also positively impacting other areas of my wellbeing too, such as inflammation, skin, immunity and anxiety – a HUGE focus point for me!

I take my dose at night before bed and found even half a dropper is enough for me (I’m only little)

I walk my talk and adopt a holistic approach to my health, meaning I look for the integral components that enhance my health and fit into my holistic puzzle.

I encourage you to check out their products on their website – your furry friends don’t have to miss out either!

Use code CARLA10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order