Make eye contact sexy this Christmas

Haha! I’m curious to know what you thought this blog would be about from the title. Where did your mind go?

Well, what it’s about is real, in-person contact and celebrating connecting and being totally present this Silly Season. With that, it’s also calling out for you to join me in a Christmas Challenge to step away from your phone!

It’s hard for me too

I get it. I totally get it. So much of work (and life in general) revolves around technology. I have 2 email accounts, 2 IG accounts, 2 Facebook profiles (one personal and one business) LinkedIn, WhatsApp and of course text messages and calls on my phone. A MASSIVE part of my business is to be “switched on” and “there” in a digital sense – be it showing up on affiliate feeds, posting my own content, connecting with people through messages and emails. This is something I am so, so grateful for because it’s allowed me and my team to build incredible online businesses we can manage literally from anywhere. 

But that’s not to say that we shouldn’t ever take a step back from “work” and shift the balance a bit. So, let’s switch digital contact for real, in-person eye contact and celebrate that human energy exchange we all need so much.

This is where I’m at now and I’m inviting you to join me over the holidays. 

Christmas Challenge: You with me?

First up –

If you’re an entrepreneur too or a work-from-home person, I think you’ll get this even more. But criteria #1 to this Christmas Challenge is:

  1. No working evenings. I’ll personally just do Mondays as these are our team training nights but other than that, my evenings will be for connecting. Connecting with friends and family, connecting with myself, beautiful, screen-free connection. 
And the second criteria:

2. Turn off all notifications on your phone so there is no “ping” and you only see messages when you actively go and look for them.

I know… it sounds CRAZY!! But hear me out.

A few days before writing this blog, Cal and I interviewed the beautiful and empowering founder of House of Hobby, Steph Gorton on our podcast, The C Word. Steph talked about switching off all notifications on her phone and while it wasn’t the first time I’d heard this mentioned, it really resonated. So, I’m doing it!  It freaks me out a bit but it’s happening. As of December 14th, I turned off all Facebook, IG and email notifications on my phone. Eeek! If someone really needs to reach me or speak to me, they can call me. And if I haven’t given them my number? Well, enough said, right? 

     3. Let’s stop the need for “instant” response

This is something that’s been brewing in me for a while and I think a lot of you will relate to this too. But recently, I’ve been giving myself the permission to take my time to respond to messages in my various inboxes. It’s not because I don’t think they’re important and I’ll always reply within a couple of days max, but I really think this expectation the digital world has created for instant responses is crazy. It puts so much pressure on us to be instantly available when we may be getting on with other things or in a conversation or situation which deserve our undivided attention. Let’s give our undivided attention to whatever it is we’re doing in that moment. Doesn’t that make way more sense?

This goes for connecting and responding on digital platforms, too. I set aside time in my day for my inboxes and in those sessions, my undivided attention is on dedicating genuine time to those messages. Isn’t that way better than flitting between different things, trying to keep up with the “instant-ness” the digital world has instilled in us?

Are you with me?

So, I’m calling on everyone to use this holiday season to get more present than ever. Does it mean I won’t be on my phone? No, I like sharing parts of my world. But more than anything I want to share actual physical space with the people I love and with new friends too, because that’s what truly LIGHTS ME UP! It’s what makes us human. What makes me human. 

So, I’m throwing myself in the arena with you on this one. Let’s put time aside for real quality connections versus loads of half-assed digital ones. And let’s once again make eye contact sexy this Silly Season 😉

C xx