Building a holistic business from home

I’m going to keep this all really simple (because hey, we like simple at The Juicy Movement) and share the fundamentals of what joining the team looks and FEELS like, without getting into the numbers.

Then, if you’d like to know more – about the numbers and the finer workings of our business model – simply reach out and we can chat. 

First up, you’ve got to ask yourself a question – and that’s why you’re here reading this blog in the first place.
  • Are you looking to diversify your income?
  • Add in an extra product or branch to your existing business?
  • Break away from the 9-5?
  • Make your passion for our product into a business?
  • Build a business around your values?
  • Help people by sharing what you love?
  • Enable your best health and teach others to do the same?
  • Create more savings, a better income outlook, more financial and professional freedom?

Take a step back from yourself for a moment and really answer that question, because understanding what drives you is the first step.

Then know that in joining The Juicy Movement, you could be coming onboard with a team (we’re nearly 1000 people strong now!) of grounded, established and supportive “teamies” who HAVE YOUR BACK to help you achieve those goals.

Our core product has 30 years on the market and over 25 independent scientific studies (and counting) supporting it. We are about working to your goals and at your pace. We provide online training, online office resources, your customer care plan, live and recorded events, support groups and we are here to coach you through building your business to make this work for you. It’s about paying it forward – what we know about health and wellness and what we know about building wealth.

So, if you’re:

🍏 passionate about nutrition, health and wellness and would love to turn that into a business

 looking to expand your existing wellness business and build passive income potential

🍏 Ready to design your life while helping people reach their natural potential for wellness. 

Well, then we are your people.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” Steve Jobs

Take that first step and reach out to find out more. 

It’s no strings attached and we can “meet” via Skype, on the phone, or in-person if you’re local to Perth, WA – you choose. If you’re not in Perth, it doesn’t matter! Heaps of our Juicy Movers are located all around Australia and internationally, too. 

Check out the Work with Me section for more details and also the Events section for upcoming Holistic Business Co. events (that’s when we explain more about our business model etc.).

C xx