Carla’s Story

First up, thank you so, so much for taking the time to browse my website and learn a little more about what we’re all about here at The Juicy Movement. I really hope being here will help motivate you to achieve your goals

As a holistic health and business coach with a focus on mind-body medicine, I founded The Juicy Movement for one simple reason: To empower myself and others to release our natural potential for wellness through wholefood nutrition and self-care and a way of living and working which is in line with our deepest values.

By “natural potential for wellness”, I mean our natural energy, positivity, health and overall happiness. Because, the truth is: we are all pre-wired to live that way. Once we start nourishing our mind, body and soul from the inside-out, our vitality and juicy zest for life just comes about as a result – and that can’t help but be an inspiring influence on others.

As well as coaching clients in health and wellness, I now spend about half my time, maybe even more, teaching like-minded people to build their own businesses as part of The Juicy Movement. The way I see it, I can only directly help so many people; but by teaching others to inspire The Juicy Life and become “Wellness Advocates” with The Juicy Movement, our ripple effect just gets greater and greater. And that’s something really special.


There aren’t any prerequisites. You don’t need to work in the wellness industry to join The Juicy Movement as a Wellness Advocate. You just need to have a passion and drive to inspire change in the world and to help others achieve their dreams and goals. It’s a duplication process – you’re doing it and loving it, so you easily inspire others to do the same. That’s exactly what happened with me. Read more on my story below.


My journey towards wellness wasn’t easy. I learned about holistic health the hard way. I spent my teens and early twenties punishing my body with poor nutrition and over-exercise. I was a professional dancer and super active, so I needed solid nutritional energy but instead, I was following fad diets and experiencing the severe ups and downs which come with those.

At 17, I started to suffer from panic attacks and from there I was put on medication for anxiety and depression. By 19, I was a lot worse and not long after my 20th birthday, I was being tested for rheumatoid arthritis and poor kidney function. The tests revealed my levels were comparable to someone in their sixties and I was soon back on medication.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

In 2009, I was 22 and still struggling. I was training hard and avoiding fats like the plague and still on medication. But, thankfully, the Universe stepped in (at least, that’s how I see it), and a trainer at my gym started chatting to me about wholefoods. It was like a light had switched on in my head… It all started to make sense! My first step was to start taking wholefood supplements Juice Plus+ (still the same I recommend today – see Coaching for details) and doing my own research about nutrition, gut health and mindfulness. I started feeling a huge difference within weeks.

Over the next six months, I couldn’t believe how much better I was and it all came from what I was eating and drinking and how I was generally treating myself. My clarity of thought, my energy, my outlook on life, how I dealt with everyday challenges… It was all… well, better. My curiosity in holistic health had also been seriously spiked, so at the start of 2010, I started to learn more about the community behind Juice Plus+ and I enrolled in Holistic Counselling and Mind-Body Medicine (Endeavour College – Perth, Western Australia).

By the end of 2010 and my first year of study and of wholefood loading with Juice Plus+, I had done a complete 180. A year later, with the guidance of my doctor, I was off anxiety medication and I’m proud to say I’ve never been back on it since. (Please note here that it’s really important to always consult your doctor before making any changes to your medication).

The arthritis and kidney issues had also started to reverse, I had better immunity, reduced period pain, and I was regular in other areas (the bathroom kind… you get my drift!). And, most importantly, I had finally understood that there is an undeniable connection between overall wellbeing and our nutrition.

But it still hadn’t clicked properly that my mindset was a huge factor, too. I’d bumped up my nutrition and I was being kinder to myself in terms of exercise, yet I was still over-working and sacrificing parts of my life I viewed as unimportant, like self-care. So, in 2012, exhausted after trying to balance work, study, dance and relationships, I collapsed in the gym with anaphylactic shock. It was the beginning of my ongoing allergy to wheat and gluten.

But because of what I was learning about wholefood and holistic practices, I knew if I just kept doing what I was doing (with the addition of removing wheat and gluten from my diet due to the allergy), I’d soon be on track.

It was an incredibly empowering feeling to at last know what I had to do for my health.


So, one month after I collapsed, I decided it was time to make a serious change. I set myself goals and promised myself I wouldn’t give up on my values, even in regards to myself… I think it was about here that my list of Daily Rituals started to develop, which have steadily become the basis of what we teach with The Juicy Life Program and The Juicy Circle.

I’d been aligned with Juice Plus+ for two years and was building my holistic health business while maintaining my Salon Coordinator job (and study) on the side. Deep down, I knew the one thing stopping me from really making serious progress was the stress and exhaustion of juggling too many balls. I loved and believed in the health programs I had developed, so I decided to take the leap, quit my day job and dedicate myself to the “juicy” life. That was the beginning of what is now The Juicy Movement.

Today, I am so proud and thrilled to say that our programs here at The Juicy Movement have helped, and continue to help, thousands of people in Australia and around the world improve their health, wealth and wellness for the long-term.

I have many people to thank for that. I’m not doing this alone – anything but. I’ve been lucky enough to have the most amazing mentors around me and I pay that forward by coaching others to build their own juicy businesses. Together, we touch so many more people and by doing that, we’re all gaining better health, increased flexibility, opportunity, income, and satisfaction through doing what we love and teaching others to do the same. It really is that simple.

Find more on The Juicy Movement and working with me as a Wellness Advocate by clicking this link, hop over to Coaching to see more about our programs and how we can help you, take a look at our Juicy Stories, or just keep browsing.

Stay juicy,

C xx

Carla Thomas
Founder of The Juicy Movement
Cert. IV Holistic Counselling & Mind-Body Medicine

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