Happy clients: Claire’s Story, The Juicy Circle

Nothing makes me happier than hearing the success stories of my clients. Meet Claire, a busy mumpreneur and DJ, her energy was low and gut issues were flaring up.

With simple, progressive change over time during my Juicy Circle program, Claire has never looked back. Here’s her story.

1. How did you first connect with Carla? What health concerns were you experiencing?

I met the beautiful Carla DJing at her book launch back in 2017. It was actually after the launch though, when we bumped into each other one night and I explained that I was having a lot of gut issues and wanted to change my eating habits that we really connected. I took the leap and signed on for the Juicy Circle. I really wanted to change something up so I could have more energy to sustain my DJing at night and running my DJ agency, while still being there for my children and husband.

2. How did working with Carla help you realign your health?

Carla helped me realise that eating healthily is fun! When I had so much more energy, clearer skin, less puffy/itching eyes and bloating – that’s when I realised that Carla’s guidance really changed my whole attitude towards food and eating. Don’t get me wrong – I love chocolate, champagne, pasta and rice but I used to eat that practically every day (perhaps not the champagne!). Now, I have these as a treat and they taste so much more delicious!


“Carla’s Juicy Circle leading into the Juicy Life Program has been the longest standing health program/diet I have ever done. I’ve been able to carry that forward and apply it to my life and my family’s for just over two years and I still continue to.”



3. What most served you about the Juicy Circle?

Carla would constantly check up on me and keep me in check throughout my Juicy Circle process. I needed and loved that as I was so busy with my own life, it was great to have Carla as my health angel.

4. What new habits have you put in place long-term since first starting with Carla and the Juicy Circle?

I eat way cleaner than I used to – not because I have to but because I want to. When you choose to eat in a healthier way, it’s not so much of a chore but a way of life. I’ve cut out processed carbs, dairy and processed sugar in my day-to-day eating. It’s the longest “diet” I’ve ever done!! Most diets I’ve tried have been unsustainable except Carla’s.

5. What improvements in your health and happiness have you noticed?

Less bloating, better gut health, more energy… I don’t get sick as often as I used to due to being run down, which would always happen in the last few months of the year when I’m at my busiest playing at events.

6. How has your lifestyle changed and improved since imparting on your “juicy journey?”

I drink way less wine and champagne now than I used to! I used to have one or two champagnes when people offered them to me at gigs. That’s a lot of sugar which used to wreak havoc on my gut. Note, I don’t normally drink on the job. You don’t drink when you’re working in the office, right? It shouldn’t matter that my office is at parties or events. My mindset has changed completely in that respect. I try to eat gluten-free and dairy-free as much as I can, unless I’m out eating somewhere nice. That’s when I treat myself.

7. What are your current health and wellness goals?

I’m not going to lie. It can be difficult to sustain a healthy lifestyle whilst doing two-to-three gigs a week, running my DJ agency and also being a mother and a wife. My goal is to be more consistent in eating clean and to exercise more (three times a week) whether that be Pilates, HIIT training, yoga or going for a run along the beach. I like to mix it up!

8. We believe the Juicy Circle and The Juicy Life Program are the first catalyst for change which leads to an enriching long-term juicy journey. Does this resonate with you?

This absolutely resonates with me! As mentioned, Carla’s Juicy Circle leading into the Juicy Life Program has been the longest-standing health program/diet I have every done. I’ve been able to carry that forward and apply it to my life and my family’s for just over two years and I still continue to. The Juice Plus+ capsules have been a god send too. I think they have really helped with maintaining a much healthier immune system.

9. Have your friends and family also benefitted indirectly from your juicy journey?

YES!! My husband has lost 10kgs just from applying some of what I’ve learned. Also, my girls aren’t the best at eating vegetables, but (don’t tell them!!), I throw some spinach or zucchini in their smoothies along with the Juice Plus+ shakes which they love and are good for them too. They have been having the Juice Plus+ chewables too, which have helped build a really strong immune system for them too. They hardly get sick!

10. Anything else to add?

I really can’t recommend Carla enough! She can back me up on this – I dragged my feet a lot at the beginning. Changing my old eating habits whilst being really busy with a lot of night gigs was difficult but Carla guided me and supported me every step of the way. Particularly when I did a detox reset. It helped me change my habits and set up new, cleaner, healthier ones. In fact, I think I’m going to do the 3-day detox reset again!


For more info on my Juicy Circle group coaching and my Juicy Life Program online package, click on the links and reach out to chat with me directly on how we can set you up to release your natural potential for wellness.

Stay juicy!

Carla xx