Recipe: Nuts About Banana Ice Cream

I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but I am a massive lover of smoothie bowls and raw ice creams. This is one of my favourites, with the addition of an extra spoonful of delicious.

This ‘Nuts About Banana Ice Cream’ is a twist on our Raw Banana Ice Cream from The Juicy Life Program. Like all the recipes in the program, it’s about making healthy delicious and easy.

Originally, this recipe had just two ingredients: frozen bananas and Juice Plus+ Vanilla Complete for that extra nutrient punch of plant-based goodness. When I recently discovered the nut mylk bases from Ulu Hye, I’ve been adding a spoonful of that in too (I’m adding it to smoothies, smoothie bowls… anywhere I’d like a bit of extra nutty goodness) and it’s AMAZE-BALLS!

When I’m feeling that extra bit fancy, I sprinkle mixed roasted nuts and dark chocolate chips on top too or even spoon some through before I scoop it up.

Give it a go and see what you think! Soooooo good now the weather’s heating up.

You can order your Juice Plus Vanilla Complete here (hit me up if you’d like more info) and your Ulu Hye nut milk base here.

Nuts About Banana Ice Cream

Ingredients (serves 3)

3 large ripe bananas, cut into pieces and frozen

1 sachet / scoop Juice Plus+ Vanilla Complete

1 tbsp Ulu Hye Hazelnut Mylk Base

Mixed roasted nuts and dark choc chips, to sprinkle (optional)


Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and whizz until smooth and creamy. Stop blending just as you achieve gelato consistency (don’t over-blend or it’ll get too soft).

Serve in cups or on cones and sprinkle with mixed nuts and choc chips if you want!