My Nutritional Philosophy

My mission is to have all Juicy Lifers (myself included!) loading our bodies with nourishing, energising, and healing wholefoods to fuel our natural potential for wellness from the inside-out.

Why? Well, because I think we can all agree eating wholefoods and filling up on fruits and veggies can only be a good thing. However, the truth is, most of us already don’t eat enough of them and those we do eat are often over-processed, over-cooked, or have lost vital nutrients due to the journeys they’ve made from farm to plate.

So, the sad truth is, most of the time, what we eat just isn’t enough to have us living at our most energised.


That’s why, as part of my juicy programs, I recommend a specific brand of wholefood supplements to help bolster our natural juicy energy. They are the ones I have personally used and recommended for almost a decade and have first-hand experience of the positive impact they make. Alongside this, they are also supported by over 20 years of scientific studies across varying populations (including infants, children and pregnant women) showcasing their benefits, so the health professional in me is also more than satisfied with the science. Please reach out if you’d like to know more about the research, have specific questions, or would like any further details.


The fruit, vegetable and berry capsules included in The Juicy Life Program contain wholefood nutrition from a variety of 26 fruits, vegetables and grains, without the water and next to no sugars (about 1-1.5g at most!). Everything in the 100% vegan capsules is farm-fresh produce which has been harvested, cleaned, juiced, and dried to provide us with the heap of nutrients we need to have us living at our most energised.



We’re not about meal replacements here, so please don’t think of these as “shakes” or anything similar. For me, they are nutrition boosters which I personally enjoy nearly every day as part of a balanced smoothie, loaded up with fresh veggies and fruit, good fats and natural fibre. Available in vanilla and chocolate varieties, these sachets offer a power punch as they’re loaded with natural vegan protein and fibres, so they’re great for fitness nutrition but also as part of your everyday health routine, added to raw desserts, or as a quick snack on the go (so much better than reaching for a biscuit or packaged energy drink!). Also, let’s face it – we all run out the house sometimes with no time for a decent brekkie or knowing that we’ll be working through lunch or dinner. When that happens, having one of these in your bag and mixing it up however you can will certainly be a better and more nutritious option than that coffee and muffin!

Supplementing, not substituting

Remember, neither the capsules nor the superfood sachets are a substitute for a balanced diet and skipping meals is not at all what we are about or what we recommend. We use our recommended wholefood capsules and sachets to supplement our healthy lifestyle to help bridge that gap between what we actually eat and what we should eat. The other tools in our Juicy Life Programs, including our e-books with recipes, menu planner templates, plating guides, exercise and activity inspiration, and the access to wellness experts (myself included) you gain when joining The Juicy Life Program is what creates the complete package, enabling you to choose a healthier life one step at a time.

Want to know more? Please reach out below and I’ll send you an informational video with more details or email me with any specific questions you may have and check out the FAQs to find answers to your questions there.

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