Hanging onto those holiday vibes

For the past few years, I’m lucky enough to say that my life and work have allowed me to get used to hopping on a plane every 2-3 months, be it a short or long get away.

However, this year my life had sort of become an unknown adventure in itself so my recent girls’ trip to Bali for a friend’s birthday was the first actual holiday I had taken in over 8 months. Wow! Now don’t get me wrong, I’d been craving a break for a good couple of months but I really hadn’t noticed or realised how much my soul NEEDED it until I was saying goodbye to it. Those relaxing Bali days just flew by! Granted, it was only a 5-day trip, but that was enough to remind me that it had been all too long between breaks (for me personally at least) and just how important that time to tune out and tune-in is for our mind-body wellbeing. 

It got me thinking… I ALWAYS make time to attend to my values when I’m home too but the thing about holidays is there is so much more time and SPACE to dedicate to loving on yourself for LONGER periods, without the disruption of ‘reality’ (work, kids (if you have them), chores, social events and commitments etc). That’s the real magic about the “holiday vibes” we all love.

I know through my years of working as a holistic health coach, predominantly with women, that most people aren’t making time for some, if any, of the things they value when they’re home and then they wonder why all they can think about is “escaping”. You know what I think? I think that a lot of the time it’s not necessarily the destination, just the space and TIME they know they’ll have to do the things they love which make us crave holidays. 

Why can’t we carve out that space for ourselves back home? 

It’s never going to be quite the same as sitting by the pool or ocean with a book, music, sun and cocktail (my idea of heaven!) but that doesn’t mean we can’t improvise. I do it all the time! Because it makes me happy. And I like feeling happy. Don’t you? 

So my answer to hanging onto that holiday vibe is to do more of what makes you thrive when you’re at home too. Don’t just save it up for holidays.

Who says holidays should be the only time you get to feel in your element? That’s a total bullshit story! And it’s time to get rid of it. 



Here are a few tips to help you bring some of that holiday vibe into your everyday life: 

1. Spend some time writing or making a mental list of all the things you love about being on holiday. 

Chances are, the list will be full of things you aren’t doing at home or not enough of. Focus on the top three and then look at where you can bring them into your regular life, be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For example, I love discovering and eating at new places. At home, we tend to go to our usual and local go-to cafés and eateries because they’re easy and familiar, right? Just mix it up! Get in the car and go for a drive, have an adventure and find somewhere new out and away from the usual suburbs you frequent. New environment, new locals, new menu. A little escape.

2. Holidays are also where we tend to walk around and visit new places and sites and try activities we wouldn’t usually do at home, even if they are equally available to us.

One of those things for me is walking through nature or hiking. Until a few weeks ago, I had never hiked in Perth. It had been on my bucket list for a couple of years and I LOVE to adventure outdoors on holiday and yet back home I take the same river walk with my dog because it’s right there, it’s convenient and it’s familiar. Venturing to the hills for a hike is not possible for me each day, but surely I can plan ahead and commit one day for a hike per month, right? What kind of new places can you venture out and visit in your home town?

3. Holidays are where we do things for ourselves ‘guilt free’ because we are on holiday. Women (especially mums) are notorious for this! Get over this mindset ASAP!

There is no reason why we can’t allocate a little bit of time to ourselves on a daily or weekly basis to fill our own cups before filling others with the smallest and yet most significant activities. For example, getting a manicure and pedicure or a massage. All things I do for myself once a month. Why? Because I friggin’ love myself and deserve to love on myself, that’s why! I don’t need to ‘earn’ it. Being who I am and my awesome self is enough reason. Can you give yourself that same kind of love, just because?

If you take away one thing from this blog, I hope it’s this: However the ideal holiday looks and feels for you, you don’t necessarily need to escape where you are to enjoy something different and those holiday vibes. You just need to love yourself (and those vibes) enough to create pockets of holiday time in and amongst your day to day life. 


C xx