Holistically Detoxing: My 31-Day Adventure

A lot of the time, when we use the term “detox”, we assume it’s referring to just the physical aspect. And that physical aspect is related to cutting out certain foods/beverages/substances. 

But a holistic detox is about clearing, cleansing and cutting out the crap on a mind, body, soul level. I’ve just been on this journey and I can say it’s pretty amazing stuff. It wasn’t something I initially set out to do, rather it was me listening to my mind, body and soul instinctively telling me what we needed to do.  

Here are the benefits this month-long full mind-body-soul detox brought me:

  • I had dedicated time to love on me and tune in with what I needed most, without any distractions.
  • I have never felt so on fire, in flow and focused with work. Monday to Friday was all about a) work and b) me. And I had one of my best months professionally all year for it. 
  • My health got back on track. My energy was back full steam, physical symptoms of dis-ease I had cleared (more on those below) and along with a juice cleanse and colonic, I experienced a few detoxing phases in terms of bowel movement and a few days around the three and a half week mark where my fingers swelled and I just felt yuck – but then I felt A-MAZ-ING. A similar thing happened when I quit sugar and it’s not uncommon. Most people never make it to this phase so that instinct told me to go a whole month and I got max benefit for it. 
  • I spent more time in the kitchen cooking again. I’d gotten lazy being on my own to actually get creative or try new recipes. The fun for me is cooking for others. But I had more time (and money) to get in there more and re-find my joy for it all. 
  • I got even fitter and stronger than I already am. The quality of my workouts and strength went up, so I was able to do more and try more without getting tired for it. 
  • The universal law of attraction isn’t some ‘woo-woo’ thing. What you put out, you bring about. Because I began bringing my best, I began attracting my best. And I feel I am on that roll now. You could say I am 100% connected to my inner Goddess, who I am and all I stand for.


Why my holistic detox

It’s been a big 10 months for me, both personally and professionally. I’ve never denied it but I don’t think it really hit me, until it really hit. And surprise-surprise, it was while I was on my girls’ mini vacay in Bali last month. The 5 days was no way near enough to give me the break I needed, but it was enough to show me how bad I needed one to stop, slow down, lay low and get really grounded. I landed back in Perth and for the first time really sat and acknowledged how much had happened. And admitted to myself that I was fucking exhausted! Mentally, emotionally, physically (low iron, stomach parasite, irritated skin and women’s issues all showing up that are not common for me at all). I knew it was going to take more than just my usual dose of self-care to truly ‘top up’ and get on top of it. 

That was the evening of August 12th and I committed myself to no booze, no going out, no even entertaining the idea of male energy for 2 weeks. They might sound like mostly standard detox things but my aim was to give myself the head-space and body-space to be really clear with where I was at and what I needed. I was removing any distractions, complications or head-fuzzers. And as I said, the decision was made for me. I literally didn’t want to think about any of those things. I just wanted to love really hard on me for a bit. So, here’s a snippet of how it all played out…

What my holistic detox looked like

1. No Booze.

Now let me make this clear: I am in no way a booze-head but I don’t hide the fact I enjoy a wine and have definitely indulged in more weekend drinking since being single. You socialise more, go out dancing with the girls more. And to be honest, I learned to let go and have fun a little more. But I was starting to feel the after effect from the year (physically, mentally, emotionally) and also the fact it was Monday and I was craving a Friday wine. Not good. I’ve never been one to need alcohol in my life to have a good time and I didn’t want that to change. So, in the first 2 weeks, I only had one cider and one glass of red. I could live with that. And you know what? I was feeling pretty good for it too. So I decided to keep going. The social calendar was actually pretty quiet for a month (then there was a Perth girls’ Bali reunion night – go figure!) so it was the perfect opportunity to keep at it and extend my detox to a full month. I didn’t consume another drop until the reunion night. And I’m pretty damn proud of myself for it!

2. No going out.

Now when I say going out, I mean like night on the town. Again, I can just as easily have a couple of drinks and drive and still be the last one standing. But I didn’t want to even be in that environment. Not because of temptation on any of the aforementioned fronts, but because energetically I just didn’t have the desire in me. Quality sleep and recharge over the weekends was a big contributor to this detox too. So instead, opting out of going out left me with even more time to do things for myself and to enjoy more walks, coffee dates with friends and at-home dinner dates with mum. It also meant the money I was saving from abstaining (think UBER rides, dinner, drinks…it adds up!) could go into doing even further self-care actions without second thought. Juicing, chiro, massage, colonic, weekly spa/steam/sauna session, manicures and pedicures, beautician, naturopath, exercise (excluding my gym and yoga memberships), additional fridge and pantry super heroes AND more casual social catch-ups. Winning!

3. No male energy.

Now, I need to be VERY CLEAR on what I mean about this. For the most part, I’ve spent the past 10 months alone. Mostly by choice, sometimes not. But entering the dating scene at 32 after 10 and a half years off the circuit ain’t easy! And it’s also not something I’ve been actively seeking. I knew I really needed this year to be about me, the break-up of my marriage and all the waves that were going to come with it. But it doesn’t mean others don’t actively seek you or circumstances don’t arise. For the most part, I’m super grateful because I truly believe it has been a huge contributor to me learning about myself and what I want (and what I don’t want) in a partner. But it can also be an emotional head fuck. I have no other way of saying it and single ladies reading this will no doubt be nodding in huge agreement. It’s tough. And dealing with that along with still processing and healing my heart took its toll. So, I just kind of put this aura around me that energetically signalled out to any male to not attempt to step in. And they didn’t. And in that month, I fell even more in love with myself than I thought I possibly could. 

What next?

So, while this month-long detox did come to an end (no regrets there, I was ready!), what definitely haven’t ended are the lessons and reminders it taught me. For the moment, my aim is to basically not drink up until Silly Season (Dec 1st in my books) other than for special occasions and only once over a weekend. Same deal with going out. Pick and choose the one event I commit to and I choose to have a drink for. Will it last the planned distance? Who knows. But while it sounds and feels good, I’m going to roll with it. 

And for the last of my detox criteria? Let’s just say I’m quite happy to selfishly indulge in life still being all about me and what lays ahead over the next couple of months. I’ll leave the rest up to the universe. 

And for you? Just a simple invitation to love onto yourself and give yourself the space and permission to do exactly what you know you need to, when you know you need to do it. Like I said, we can leave the rest up to the universe.

C xx