One-on-One Coaching

As a holistic health coach with a focus on mind-body medicine, when I sit with my clients whether it be face-to-face or via online options, I always look at the person as whole and unique.

We work together to review your overall mind-body health and then working backwards, assessing the symptoms, to find the root cause of any discomfort or conditions you may have.

We review a whole host of factors, including:

  • what you are eating and drinking (your nutrition)
  • how you live (your habits and physical state)
  • how you feel (your emotional state)

From there, we map out a tailor-made health journey for you using whichever tools I feel will best assist you in reaching your health goals. I’m a specialist in Mind Body Medicine, so we adopt a lot of holistic health practices as well as more traditional and holistic approaches to nutrition. I may also suggest some wildflower essences (I’m trained in 88 Western Australian wildflower essences) and/or supplements, depending on your health goals and situation.

Whatever your journey is, we will map it out together so it slots into your life structure.. We will set realisable and achievable goals to help you find your truest sense of vitality and get your health to where it should be, one simple step at a time.

INITIAL CONSULT (60 minutes): AUD $150
FOLLOW-UP CONSULT (60 minutes): AUD $120
                                                  (30 minutes): AUD $65
PHONE-IN CHECK-INS (15 minutes): AUD $40

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