Gin Fizzy: A fresh summer tipple with a twist

Haha! Yes, I’m a health coach and I’m sharing a summer cocktail recipe! Life is about balance babe 🙂

A while ago now, I joined forces with local Perth-based chef and juice guru, Liam O’Neil from Refresh Juice + Cleanse to create an eBook answering all your questions on juice cleanses, how and when to do them and how to do them well.

That book is yours for FREE as part of your Juicy Life Program and/or Juicy Circle coaching program, so be sure to download it if you haven’t already and also take advantage of that juicy discount in there too!

But… today is about something a little more “fizzy”. With the days warming up, the evenings getting longer and that hint of summer in the air, I thought why not get summer-ready with a beautiful, refreshing and exclusive cocktail from none other than the Juice King himself. And, thanks to local Perth distillery, Spirit of Little Things, we had a beautiful bottle of locally made, artisan gin to play with and the guys at rok Kombucha for some natural fizz too!

If you’re a gin lover then you should definitely check out Spirit of Little Things. It’s all small batch and  BEYOND amazing and hand-made by Perth locals too.

Liam has created this juicy tipple just for us combining our beloved Spirit of Little Things gin with passionfruit kombucha and, of course, some freshly squeezed juice. So next time you’re wanting something that little bit spesh for a backyard drinks, why not whip some of these up?

If you’d like to learn more about Liam and Refresh Juice + Cleanse or about rok Kombucha, listen into when they came into the studio for a chat with me and Cal on episodes of The C-Word Podcast too. They’re episodes 16 and 52.

Let me know what you think!

Gin Fizzy


140ml white grapefruit juice

60ml passionfruit rok Kombucha

60ml Spirit of Little Things Australian Botanical gin

ice to serve

fresh eucalyptus leaf from the backyard to stir (if you have one)


Simply fill a tall glass with ice and pour in the ingredients, then stir through with a eucalyptus leaf. If you don’t have one, don’t worry – just stir with a long spoon or play around with other botanicals you like the flavour of.


Here’s what Liam says:

“Staying local and in the backyard, I thought the gin is so flavourful, it’d be nice to serve it sharp and fresh. White grapefruits are in season, super cheap and very delicious. The eucalyptus lead will add a little fresh smell and life the botanicals of the gin.”