Yes, I would like fries with that.

Something those of us in the health and wellness industry often struggle with is the stigma that we live like leaf munching, sunrise om-ing, never alcohol-infused table-top dancing humans 100% of the time. But I’ve got something… well, A LOT to say about that.

This blog has taken a bit of a turn as to what was originally in the plan… I was going to cover gluten sensitivity, what it’s like to live with a wheat allergy (or allergy full stop) and ways to substitute and work around it, but I feel like that topic has kinda been overdone yeah? Don’t you? I mean, there are SO many resources already available and I do cover my story and recipes and ingredients I use in my book…so you could always just grab yourself a copy here ;p

And this year I have promised myself to only write about something I get excited about, that lights me up with a huge hit of passion and enthusiasm and that I can’t WAIT to actually get stomping on the keyboard about… cue typing on a Monday evening while I eat soup and watch the sunset. I usually never write in the evenings! Because this is Carla 2.0… the 2019 version and I am 100% about alignment more than ever baby!

So case in point, we know I’m loving whatever I’m about to spit out and I’m hoping my Comms Manager won’t kill me. Sorry Kami! Love you ☺️  (She gave a massive thumbs up when editing this by the way).

Something those of us in the health and wellness industry often struggle with is the stigma that we live like leaf munching, sunrise om-ing, never alcohol-infused table-top dancing humans 100% of the time. But I love a good serve of tasty meat when called for (E.g. Mum’s goulash or her Chunky Beef Veg Soup). I prefer to NOT see the sunrise on the weekends (unless it’s to finish off a good night before ;p), and I am known to most DEFINITELY get my dance on when out and about with my girls… vino/champers/cocktail or shot in hand. 



I am conscious about preserving energy and throw mini hissy fits when people leave lights on for no reason and have the shower running for five minutes before they even get in! But I spend most of my day banging away at electronic devices. I am thorough when it comes to recycling at home but I don’t buy sustainable clothing. I carry around and drink out of a stainless steel water bottle but if I’m on holiday or out and about and don’t have it with me, I will purchase a bottle of Mount Franklin without breaking a sweat. In fact, I still have plastic containers at home (cue *gasps!). I know – shocking, right?! 

I use ENJO at home to clean my house but I’ll still grab the Coles brand toilet spray for those times it comes in necessary.  I’ve made loads of awesome changes with my bathroom necessities and toiletries over the years but I still use Libra tampons and MAC make up (sorry, that’s never going!).

I like to read books that expand my mindset, grow more brain cells and better myself as a person and a holistic health coach. But, I also love a good trashy gossip mag over the weekend and scrolling enews on my IG when I get into bed at night (pre-brain cell growing reading). 

Which brings me to my next point… Not scrolling or using your phone in the bedroom. I have the morning part nailed! I sleep with my phone on aeroplane mode and it doesn’t come off until I’ve done my morning me-time. But as you’ve learned, I still get suckered into that, “I’ll just look at this for 5 minutes… uh-oh 45 minutes later” night-time habit. See – not “perfect”!

I speak and present professionally for meetings, events and speaking engagements that require it, but I swear like a trooper around my friends, colleagues and even clients who have become more like friends. Even on my socials time to time. I mean fuck it – it’s part of my charm! 

I appreciate movies/podcasts/videos/youtube clips that inspire me on a good day or a shit day. But I love a good meme, hilarious quote, MAF’s (Married at First Sight) or a ridiculously stupid video that for whatever reason you just cannot stop pissing your pants at!

I LOVE to exercise simply because of how it makes me feel mentally and physically. But that doesn’t mean I only do ‘holistic’ stereotyped exercise. Yoga/Pilates/Walking is all great but I also love getting down and dirty with my booty or throwing punches during a Jungle Body class or smashing a run out to dance music that brings me back to my younger days getting loose at music festivals or that’s full of rappers talking about pussy and their ‘bitchez’. I’m not a prude nor uptight about songs and lyrics in the slightest! As long as it’s got a beat I want to bop to or that makes me wanna half dance/half run then I’m down with that.



And when it comes to food… Oh, if I had a tattoo for every person that’s asked me if I ever eat ‘unhealthy’. Cringe! Or the amount of times I’ve been out and someone has ordered a greasy pub feed and looked up at me to say “I feel bad eating this in front of you. I know I shouldn’t” even though I have NEVER even made a glance or comment about it. Just simply because I’m involved in health and wellness the assumption is I would judge. When, in fact, all I’m really think is “shit that looks and smells good!!! Can I pinch some?” I enjoy trying and eating different foods as much as anyone. I’m a sucker for fries with aioli and sweet potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce #drool. 

Often I’ll have to miss out or substitute due to my wheat allergy but that’s for medical reasons not what my tastebuds and saliva glands are actually saying! Yes, there are certain foods I wouldn’t choose to eat every day – and neither would you – but when I holiday I try what I want without holding back. And when I’m out with friends for dinner or discovering new markets or hidden spots or simply out for a good time and not driving (look out!) and in need of something easy and tasty to soak up the champagne, I will order and eat whatever is going around and not ONCE think twice about it or feel an ounce of ‘guilt’. What for? In that moment it’s food for the soul… not my brain or my ass. 

My beautiful friend Nikki @nikki.heyder set the tone around this in a post she did earlier this year. It was perfect timing for what I was feeling in my life and she said what many of us in the wellness field (I feel) have felt and struggled with for years: Being judged if we aren’t always living to the health-nut “standard” or “image”. I have to thank her for being one of the many lights that helped give me permission to strip off that silly and heavy coat I had been bearing the weight of and, in which many ways, led to me writing this blog today. 

So yes, life (and health) is about common sense, balance and moderation. And yes sometimes we don’t get those right – even the experts! But life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. It’s about progress not perfection. And yes, I’d like fries with that. 

C xx