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1. What is holistic health?

With a holistic approach to health, we look at the whole picture when assessing our emotional and physical health. So, the manifestations (a.k.a symptoms) of imbalance, such as energy lows, stress, mood swings, poor lifestyle choices, relationship troubles, and weight gain or loss (see our Symptom Checker for a full list) are just a part of that picture. We review these symptoms as the effect of something deeper and work backwards from them to find the cause and treat that. It may take a little longer; true change always does, however once you truly understand the cause of any state of “dis-ease”, then real change can occur.

2. Why is eating wholefoods and supplementing our fruit and vegetable intake so important?

There are so many reasons! I’ll just list a few here but please get in touch to chat more about The Juicy Life Program, wholefoods and why I choose to supplement my diet (and recommend you supplement yours).

First up, we know we should be getting a minimum of two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables per day, but often we don’t: we may skip a meal, grab a sandwich, or have a burger and chips – life happens, right?! Sometimes the food we are eating just isn’t that nutritionally dense or providing enough variety for optimum health. Regularly supplementing our diet means we bridge the gap between what we should be eating and what we are actually eating, to ensure we always finish up on top.

Even when we do meet our minimum fruit and veggie quota, studies show we still get huge benefits from the additional supplementation. So, it’s win-win!

Here are three reasons (of many!) to love wholefoods:


  • Many studies have found a wholefood-based diet to be associated with a reduced risk in many health-related problems.
  • Wholefoods retain their fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. while processed foods (so much is processed these days, even if it’s marketed as “healthy”) lose heaps of nutrients during the manufacturing process.
  • Wholefoods slow down the digestive process allowing for better absorption of nutrients and the conversion of starches to glucose (which helps regular blood sugar).

3. I already eat really healthily, why would I need to supplement my diet?

Well done to you! There is no replacement for a truly healthy and balanced diet! I do my very best to eat all the colours of the rainbow too and to always give my body everything it needs. But the fact is, a lot of the time, we simply can’t eat all the nutrients we need to load our body with goodness. This may be because of the quality of the top soil where the fruit and veg is grown, maybe it’s because of the distance the produce travels from farm to plate, or maybe it’s because we’re rushing around living our busy lives and something gets in the way. The Juice Plus+ supplements I recommend simply bridge the gap between what we should eat and what we actually eat on a regular basis. The way I see it, even when I do manage to load my body with the wholefood goodness I’ve personally prepared or bought at a health-food shop or cafe, why not bolster that with the additional nutrients, antioxidants and minerals from 26 fruits, vegetables and grains? Likelihood is, I’ll rarely get that much superfood punch onto my dinner plate anyway.

4. Do you offer diet regimes and calorie-counting?

In a word, no. That’s just not what we’re about. The Juicy Life Program, The Juicy Circle, and even my holistic health coaching do include menu planner templates, tips on how to plate up, and also ideas for healthy recipes and changes you can introduce to how you approach food and nutrition as a whole. Many people who take part in The Juicy Life Program or The Juicy Circle do aim for and experience weight-loss and/or increased body tone as a result, but there is no calorie-counting going on here.

5. What is The Juicy Life Program?

It’s holistic health and wholefood nutrition packages we offer and recommend to anyone looking to improve their general state of health and wellbeing or with a specific condition or health complaint we are able to help with. Have a look at The Juicy Life Program for more details.

6. What is The Juicy Circle?

It’s an intimate group of up to five people, working together and with personal coaching from Carla, to reach their health goals. A new Circle begins the first Friday of every month and runs for four months.

7. How quickly can I expect to see improvements and results once on one of your programs?

This really depends on the improvements and results you are waiting to see and your specific situation when you start on your juicy journey. Typically, people experience increased energy levels within days of starting on our wholefood supplements and scientific studies show that within as little as a week on our fruit, vegetable and berry capsules, people achieve an increase in antioxidant levels in the blood, better vitamin absorption, and increase in a number of micronutrients. Have a read of some Juicy Stories for people’s personal accounts and here for scientific studies. I’m more than happy to share my personal experience as well, so just drop me a line.

8. Are you available if I need help?

Yes, yes, yes! Support is such a huge part of what I believe in and I am here to help in any way I can. With The Juicy Life Program, I (or one of our juicy health coaches) will check in with you monthly but

if you have any questions before then, we are only a text message or email away. If you’re on The

Juicy Circle or One-on-One Coaching program, then you have direct access to me for the duration of your program.

9. What support systems do you offer?

We have a private Facebook group open to all members of The Juicy Life Program where we share inspiration, ideas, experiences, questions and queries. Me (or your Juicy Coach) are always only a text message or email away and, if you are part of The Juicy Circle, you also have the connection with the other lovely ladies walking their health journeys alongside you.

In terms of The Juicy Movement and if you are looking to build your holistic health business with us, then we have a mentorship system in place to offer all the support you need to get yourself started, help you build your knowledge, and reach all the necessary milestones to make yours a viable and working business.

10. What is The Juicy Movement?

The Juicy Movement is my team of likeminded “wholefood cheerleaders” and “health heroes”, (that means people who are passionate about health and wellness), spreading the word of The Juicy Life Program and building their own health businesses while they do it. See The Juicy Biz for more details.

11. I’d like to start my own juicy business, what do I do?

Yay – fantastic news! The first step is for us to meet. We can do this via video call or in person, whichever works best for you. I’ll then talk you through the process and send you all the details and tools you need get started. I’ll be with you every step of the way (as much as you want me!). Reach out here.

Got a question we haven’t answered here? Please get in touch and I’ll get right back to you.

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