Finding time to do what you love may seem selfish or un-important to some, but believe me, it’s the complete opposite! Looking after yourself and finding ways to laugh, smile and enjoy your day-to-day is so important for your overall wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter what you do, just do whatever feels right in the moment. It can be spending 30 quiet minutes reading your book, listening to music, laying down doing nothing, taking a candlelit bath, going for that massage, cooking something you love, or connecting with the people (and pets!) in your life…

Here’s a list of some of the things I love doing to give you some inspiration.


  • Saturday evening baths with candles, music, glass of vino and bath salts (check out Nina Bailey Luxury Collection Botanical Bath Soaks and LIFE with Magnesium Three Salt Soak).
  • Surprise boxes! Check out Splendour Box, Bare and Wilde, and Secrets Organic Box for three fantastic local businesses doing amazing things.
  • Flowers and candles… I won’t lie! I love the smell of Montego Bay Coconut Lime candle from Glasshouse, as an oldie but a goodie.
  • A regular adjustment from my chiropractor. I’ve been seeing the guys at Wellness on Beaufort since 2011.
  • Bliss Body Oil from At One Skincare mixed in with my regular body moisturiser and lathered on at night, after my shower and before bed.
  • Magick Mushroom Coffee and Magick Lion’s Mane Latte (maca) from the guys at Life Cykel. Viva the Mushroom Movement!
  • Exfoliating! I dry brush once a day (I use the Eco Max Jute Face Brush from Pure Home Body) and use a loofah in the shower. I’m obsessed with nourished, smooth skin.
  • And massages…


  • Themed dinner nights (e.g. Mexican, Mediterranean, Indian etc.) with my closest and oldest girlfriends where everyone brings a plate.
  • Breakfast dates!
  • Cuddles with Cajun… and sometimes Borris (my husband’s cat)!


  • Day cleanses with Refresh Juice + Cleanse.
  • Smoothies. Especially green ones topped with granola or toasted nuts. Same with acai bowls with all sorts of delicious, crunchy things on top. I am literally addicted!! My favourite acai is from my local, Health Freak Cafe in Applecross. They know exactly how I like it and ask me for my vanilla complete sachet to add in, so it’s got that added boost. I always bring one! lol).
  • While talking about smoothies, I have to do a call out for my stylish rose gold straw, thanks to The Eco Shop.
  • Lazy, late morning breakfasts discovering new cafes and destinations while travelling.
  • Cooking new recipes. Never bored in the kitchen!
  • I Quit Sugar everything! Blog, books, recipes and the 8-week online program, which will shut down at the end of April, but all the books are still available. I got to know it all inside since being an expert on their program panel, and I love it all!
  • My wholefood supplement. Over eight years and counting of getting juiced up and feeling amazing!
  • Fully Charged Coffee! Not just your regular cuppa (check it out in the Recipe section).
  • A soothing cup of herbal tea. Green tea with breakfast in the morning is my thang. Peppermint, chamomile, ginger etc. at night, no matter where I am in the world… I pack my own tea bags!
  • Coconut everything.
  • Bananas and berries most days. Can’t help it.
  • Ground turmeric and cinnamon in everything. Especially smoothies. Check out Ruby Chai Tea for some really stunning chai.
  • Hot tea straight from the vending machine on the streets and stations in Japan. Why do we not have these in Australia?!
  • Gluten-free paleo granola from Forage Cereal. A household favourite.
  • Kombucha! My own home brew or from local Rok Kombucha.
  • Relaxing and recharging…
  • Reading books. Actual books. Kindle is the worst thing ever invented, in my opinion! You can’t beat the smell and feel of the real deal.
  • Sunday morning yoga followed by a homemade face and body scrub (check out my Beauty-Full Inside & Out e-book for free, if you’re a Juicy Life member).
  • Cheese boards…and wine.
  • The beach! A quick duck in during workdays or weekends for a bit of Vit. D and a refreshing swim or a walk along the sand with Byron (husband) and Cajun (dog).
  • Power Vinyasa yoga at my local studio Power Living Australia in Myaree.
  • Pilates with my girl Elise at The Movement Society.
  • Summer. Full stop. I’m a complete summer baby… and fish (Pisces).
  • I have a whole heap of books, pod-casts and websites I regularly call on (see Resources & Further Reading in my book, The Juicy Movement for a full list) but newer releases I’m loving at the moment are: First, We Make the Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson and most recently The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson. Both brilliant.

Just because…

  • Havaianas thongs. Live in them through summer and my Uggs in winter.
  • Discovering local brands doing their thing and creating awesome, natural and/or organic and eco-friendly products. I’ve named some of my favourites here but there are so many more out there.
  • Charcoal. I use My Moon Dust for brushing my teeth 2-3 times a week and have activated charcoal included in my day juice cleanses.
  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV) all day, every day.
  • Sunday stock-ups at the market. I head to my local Fremantle markets, as there is something about the vibe there.
  • Friendly and attentive service when dining out!