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What Juicy Circle Members are saying…

“Thank you so much for your support over the past four weeks. It really has started my journey to better health! Mornings have been easier and my joint pain has reduced. I feel like my mood has also improved. I’ve really made a routine of lemon water in the morning, a smoothie and then apple cider vinegar in my water throughout the day, and am making a conscious effort to make my meals more nourishing. Last week after my medication I really tried to not have heavy foods by using affirmations that my body craves healthy nourishing foods and I turned towards smoothies and fish with cooked veggies! My cravings then went away. I’m going on holiday for two weeks, I’ve packed the Complete with me and planning on still staying to my routine with some flexibility! So grateful for your help.”

Maddie B.

“So here I am, 12 weeks into the ‘Juicy Journey’ and I’m not looking back […] The Juicy Circle breakthroughs I can personally attest to are countless! But the most incredible breakthrough? Under strict psychiatric approval and supervision, I am officially medication free!! After SEVEN years of synthetic ‘happy pill’ consumption, I am no longer dependant on manufactured pharmaceuticals.”

Sally O.

“More than anything, Carla’s support, ongoing education and community of likeminded women I have been introduced to is literally changing my life. I am so grateful to Carla and everything she has and continues to do to guide me and being my best “juicy” self.”

Peta G.

“My head is clearer and I feel better about myself. Thanks so much for your positive energy and inspiration over the past few months. I’ve loved using your book and gotten so much out of reading it. I find so many of the little tips so easy to apply to my day-to-day routine and I love the variety of all your recipes.”

Kristy M.

“I’m so happy to be on this journey! A good friend of mine was raving about how great these juicy changes were for her and I wanted to feel the same benefits. Personally, I feel better on an overall scale but in particular my nails are stronger, my skin is clear and those typical nasty colds and coughs are pretty much non-existent.”

Jodie S.