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Thinking about joining The Juicy Movement?

Are you…
  • passionate about health and wellness?
  • someone who loves looking and feeling their best?
Do you love the idea of…
  • working from home
  • building a business online
  • earning extra income
  • being your own boss?
Whether you’re already a part of The Juicy Life Program or just learning about this now, reach out and keep reading! I think we just might be a perfect fit.

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Where to start

I’ll be honest; I started my juicy journey with no great plans. I knew I wanted to teach others about wholefood and holistic health practices , but I hadn’t planned ahead more than that.

Well… it snowballed! Since 2010, what was a one-woman show has grown to become The Juicy Movement, currently with over 800 members. We’re a completely mixed bunch! Some are stay-at-home parents now running their own health businesses, some are health and fitness professionals, some work in the wellness industry, while others are executives running their juicy business for some extra cash, fun and satisfaction on the side. The thing which connects us all is our passion for our juicy life and the enjoyment we find in showing others to do the same.

The point is, where your juicy business takes you and how you wish to shape it is fully up to you.

Many Juicy Movers are like me and work with their juicy business full-time, while others choose to keep it as an extra to help bolster family holiday funds, pay off the mortgage, get that new car, or do whatever else they’re dreaming of.

It’s super flexible:
  • you do what you want
  • as much as you want
  • when you want
  • where you want (you don’t have to be in Perth, WA, like me – you can be anywhere in the world!)

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you’ve just felt that lightbulb go off in your head because this is sounding pretty amazing, then let’s talk!

I find the easiest way to explain what we’re all about is by actually talking, because everyone’s ideas and goals are different and this way we can literally chat through what interests you, without losing our way with back and forth emails.

So, reach out and we’ll book in a time that’s good for you. It’s no strings attached and we can “meet” via Skype, on the phone, or in-person if you’re local to Perth, WA – you choose. If you’re not in Perth, it doesn’t matter! Heaps of our Juicy Movers are located all around Australia and internationally – that’s the beauty of doing everything online. Once we’ve booked in a time to chat, I’ll send you a little video with some background info on the business and how easy it is to get started, and we can go from there.

Also check out my Events page for extra info and any upcoming events which may interest you.

Check out the Testimonials for some first-hand stories from both Juicy Movers and the people we’ve helped.

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