Feeling unbalanced and lacking or losing energy are clear signs your health is not ideal right now.  You don’t need to keep feeling the way you do and you definitely don’t need to continue to be overwhelmed, drained, and challenged.  Instead, with motivating guidance from your own Cheerleader, you can turn things around and live with more energy, vitality and wellbeing – for good.  Combining specialist Holistic Lifestyle training that embraces many health-creating strategies, Carla will support you to achieve a new version of you; one you feel fabulous about every day.

Investing as much time as she does into learning about wellbeing and wholefoods, Carla understandably has a lot to say on the topic. A passionate and inspirational speaker and educator, Carla really does open people’s minds to the power of wholefoods and the essential role they play in preventing illness and injury and providing optimal health. If you are looking for an amazing speaker and a real wholefood thought leader, for your upcoming event, then Carla makes for a brilliant choice. She can regularly be seen at local events so be sure to connect with her on Facebook to find out more.

Juice Plus+ is the convenient and inexpensive way to add more nutrition to your diet from fruits and vegetables, every day. Juice Plus+ products are focused on bridging the gap between the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables the average person consumes and the amount we actually need to support our health and wellbeing.  Each ingredient is especially selected to provide you with a wide range of nutritional benefits.  We call it “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables”.  Carla is a proud Juice Plus+ advocate and regularly assists people to achieve their wellbeing goals with the help of Juice Plus+.

“Carla is such an inspiring health leader and has such a huge heart. Since starting on Juice Plus with her guidance I am the best mum I can be.  My skin has been amazing and the weight loss has been an added bonus. My daughter is also on The Children’s Health Study taking the Soft Chews each day and we are closer and healthier than ever before! Carla is just someone you want to be around. She is beautiful inside and out and takes her own health to the next level, which only makes you want to do the same. We were in desperate need of a good guide in this area and being a life coach myself and dance teacher, I quite often think of others first and my own health gets left until last.  Mums, girls and people alike will agree, your health is your wealth and thanks to Carla and her amazing advice and constant and never ending love I love my life now. I am truly grateful to this amazing lady.”

-Lee Dhepnorrarat

“Juice Plus+ helped nourish and keep my body healthy during pregnancy.   When you feel weak and sick during pregnancy it is a great comfort to be able to rely on a trusted supplement that supported me and honestly enabled me to enjoy my pregnancy more.  I was receiving the nutrients from JP+ products that my body was lacking and required to build a healthy baby.  My Vitamin D, Iron and folic levels were managed on JP+ products alone and I also saw a major improvement with my low blood pressure levels. “

-Michelle Waclawik

“Carla connected with me through Linked In and after initially catching up being a qualified Naturopath myself I was a little bit sceptical towards Juice Plus+ however, I was impressed with her passion for health and loved that she was not a pushy with her advice. That was around 3 years ago and since then I took the plunge and started taking the Juice Plus+ capsules over 6 months ago. I love taking the capsules and do not plan to ever stop. The results have been fantastic! I have had so much more energy, my digestion has improved and my immune system is at it’s strongest it has ever been. I have always been relatively healthy and practised what I preach to my clients but sometimes life does get in the way and we can miss achieving total nutrition via our day to day eating and I love that Juice Plus+ bridges that gap. I now know confidently that I am getting adequate nutrition through my healthy whole food meals combined with the capsules. I highly recommend Carla as a wholefoods coach and wellness guru”

-Kathryn Blake

”After sustaining a spinal cord injury I have tried numerous supplements to complement my diet. With full time work, a regular exercise program plus the daily routine of dressing, driving etc mean my energy requirements are very high. I’ve been on Juice Plus+ for 7 weeks now and it’s almost been surreal how good I’m feeling because of it. My clarity of mind, a huge uplift in energy and an overall sense of better wellbeing leads me to say that Juice Plus+ has been everything and more. I can’t speak highly enough of the product and I’m thankful to have found it.”

-Jeremy Baldock

“Over the last few years I have been through a number of female health issues and tried various diets and medications to help with regulating my weight and energy levels in order to help me feel better but none of them worked. After meeting with Carla, although sceptical I decided to give Juice Plus+ a go. Not only do I love this product but it has helped me work towards eliminating processed sugar from my diet (and I am the first to admit that I am very addicted to sugar). It has also changed my taste so that now I enjoy eating more fruit and vegetables and I’m even drinking more water than I ever have before. My skin is much clearer, as I have always suffered from dry, flaky skin. I feel better within myself and less like a couch potato all the time. This is such an amazing product and Carla is so fabulous to work with. She is always there to provide a smile, support and guidance, especially on my bad days. I highly recommend both Carla and Juice Plus+ to anyone looking at changing their lifestyle in every way.”

-Rebecca Stow