Fearless, Inside & Out

Join holistic health coach, Carla Thomas, and founder of Fearless Activewear, Calum O’Connell, as they delve into the intricacies of body confidence and how self-love and self-awareness are the first steps to obtaining true health and happiness. Learn easy-to-apply tips to boost your body confidence and meet your happiest and healthiest self!

Pure Home, Pure Body

We all know what we put onto our body is just as important as what we put into it. But hidden nasties can still creep into our everyday environment if we aren’t empowered with the knowledge to make the “purest” choices. Listen to holistic health coach, Carla Thomas, and pharmacist/founder of Pure Home Body, Cara Little, share on how to achieve a truly pure home and body, without any radical changes to your lifestyle.

Juicy Christmas Tips

Tune in to hear Carla share her secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the silly season, while never feeling like you’re missing out.

You’ll gain insight into nourishing daily rituals, tips on how to stay active, delicious recipes the whole family will love, and a sneak peek at a new healthy dessert e-book ideal for Christmas!

Eat, drink and be merry, without feeling you need to pay for it come 1st January!


The Juice on Juice Cleansing

Want to know the how, when, and why of juice cleansing?

Liam O’neil travelled the world working as a chef in top-class kitchens (and as a touring chef for the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and Prince!), before returning to Perth to found Refresh Juice + Cleanse, so it’s safe to say this man knows flavour! Over the course of this webinar he give us an in-depth look into how the practice of juice cleansing can nourish, detox, and energise, how to recognise the good from the not-so-good of juices, and how his cleanse packages work alongside the juicy movement.


Law of Effortlessness Podcast – 3/10/2017

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Perth based Business Coach, Shannon Bush of Creative Possibility. Having worked intensively together for almost 2 years, Shannon invited me to share a little on how I have built my juicy brand.

In Episode 41 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast,  we talk about the importance of being consistent in your message and your brand, the importance of support and getting an amazing team around you to help bring your business and life goals to fruition.

I also share my journey of writing my first book, The Juicy Movement and the lessons and wisdom I have learned along the way.

Have You Had A Gutful?

Natalie Woodman is a Holistic Nutritionist and Naturopath. Affectionately known as the ‘Gut Engineer’ she has a special interest in Gut (Digestive) Health and the Gut Microbiome and is passionate about helping people live a healthy life with naturally-derived, nutrient dense whole foods.

Here she joins Carla online to share her story, why loving your gut is crucial to the rest of your health and some amazing, simple tips you can take away and begin to implement immediately.

Bringing Back The Balance

Teressa Fisk is a holistic business and lifestyle mentor who helps you integrate your personal and professional lives using tools that allow you to gain clarity, prevent burnout and manage stress.

Here she joins Carla to share the business & lifestyle tips you need to run a successful yet balanced holistic business!



Everything Peachy Clean

Chani Carosso, founder of Healthy Peach is a registered nurse and IIN Nutrition and Health Coach with a huge passion for helping people find their way to peachy health.

Here she joins Carla online to share her story, what it takes to feel peachy clean and how she ensures her body gets flooded with optimal nutrition each day.



The Movement Society

Elise is a former diver and now internationally accredited Pilates Instructor who is passionate about functional movement.

The founder of The Movement Society, Elise will share how Pilates can transform the way your body looks, feels and functions!

Radio Fremantle Interview 08/06/17

Once again a massive THANK YOU to Natalie Woodman, Nutritionist, Naturopath and creator of Voi Clinic for having me on her radio segment at Radio Fremantle Thursday afternoon.

I had the pleasure of sharing my own health journey and past health issues, sharing tips on how to work towards better health and told listeners all about my new book ‘The Juicy Movement’.

Scroll down to ’15:00 At The Table’, then click on 16:00 to listen to the interview.


Get Cracking With Chiropratic

Are you well adjusted to the benefits of seeing a Chiropractor?

Dr Emily Cunning, a Chiropractor and Pilates instructor who offers a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care that includes cooperating with complimentary health professionals.

Here she shares the importance of looking after your spine and nervous system and how nutrition also plays a key role!

Living On Purpose

Lauren Howe, a Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coach and Soulful Purpose Expert chats all on intent, purpose and mindful success.

Whether you are feeling disconnected to life or needing a positive kick start to the year, listen to her top tips on reconnecting to your core values and what lies within.

Healthy Holiday Tips

Carla shares her 12 steps for surviving the silly season while still feeling merry.

Learn how you can still eat your Christmas pudding without becoming one too!


Colonically Correct

Qualified Nutritionist and Colonic Hydro Therapist, Melinda Atha shares everything you need to know about colonics and why they can so beneficial for keeping your gut health in check.

She debunks the myths and helps you feel confident in taking a walk down the colonic lane.



Are You Stress-ful and Sleep-less?

Naturopath Kat Blake, who specialises in stress and sleep, provided key information and many amazing tips into a jam packed 40 minutes.

This is worth taking the time to watch and listen to if you feel you need some help in those areas – especially when it comes to understanding just how vital a role nutrition plays in preventing and managing stress and poor sleep.


Have you got the Guts to be Healthy?

If You’ve had a gutful when it comes to gut health then this event is for you!

I share my top tips and non negotiables when it comes to supporting your gut’s ecosystem.  Get the content you need to understand why loving your gut is crucial to the rest of your health.

11 Steps To An Energised Day, Every Day

This is your chance to get to know me and all the simple tools of the trade of a Holistic Coach and Whole Foodie.

Even more importantly, I share how you can apply these tools to your daily routine and experience the same health benefits!